Acid Staining, acid stain, concrete stain
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Acid Stain- Concrete Stain - Acid Staining

The magic of ChemTone Acid Stain

ChemTone Acid Stain is the most unique product in the market today, its the only Acid Stain made without Hydrochloric Acid, making it safer to use and ship, no annoying fumes and no hefty Haz-Mat shipping fees. ChemTone Acid Stain even though different in formulation from other acid stains provides the same marble like natural finish as the competition, a great added benefit from using ChemTone acid stain is that it produces much less residue, making the clean up phase much quicker and easier for the applicator

ChemTone Acid Staining provides you with one of the most unique and classy looks in the decorative concrete realm. You can turn an old concrete pad into a work of art, or take your new concrete project to a new level. Acid Stain may be applied to new or old concrete, stamped concrete, decorative overlays, vertical surfaces and virtually any cementitious material.

Acid staining, acid stain training.
acid staining concrete

ChemTone Acid Stain may be used on plain concrete, stamped concrete, cementitious overlays and self leveler overlays. On stamp concrete it may be used as a highlight or to color the entire surface. The same may be done with stamped concrete overlays prior to antiquing or sealing.

concrete acid stain acid stain concrete stain concrete acid staining

Have a question about Decorative Concrete? Visit and get answers! Visit the Stamped Concrete and Overlay Forum, The Concrete Countertop Forum and the Acid Stain Forum, all contain valuable information given by contractors and an easy to search database. Go where the pros go!

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