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Stamped concrete color hardener Dry Shake color hardener concrete color hardener Stamped concrete dry shake concrete color hardener dry shake color hardener HardBright Color Hardener. stamped concrete  

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HardBright Color Hardener


is ready to use, streak free, dry shake Color Hardener. Hard Bright is formulated to be easily integrated into the surface of freshly placed concrete. HardBright Color Hardener densifies the surface of the slab, increases it’s resistance to wear, freeze and thaw cycles, heavy traffic and enhances light reflecting while greatly improving it’s appearance.

HardBright Color Hardener is regularly used as a floor hardening and coloring agent with flat work and imprinted (stamped) concrete to simulate the look of brick stone, tile, slate, etc. When used with DECOSUP Stamping Mats, Antiquing Release Agent and our high solids Acrylic Clear Sealer, an authentic architectural design is achieved on the concrete.
HardBright Color Hardener is also used in institutional, industrial, commercial and residential applications for interior flat concrete floors where a workhorse, abrasion resistance, colored or light reflecting floor is desired.

Hard-Bright Color Hardener is formulated with specially graded silica quartz aggregates, top quality Portland Cement Type I, light fast synthetic and natural iron oxides, for fading and U/V light resistance and proprietary additives. HARDBRIGHT COLOR HARDENERS meets or exceeds ASTM C-979 for color stability and ASTM C-4060 for abrasion resistance.

HardBright is packaged in 60 lbs. double poly lined bags or pails.

Each 60 lb. or 27.3 Kg package of HardBright CH should cover no more than 100 square feet or 9.29 square meters for normal applications. For Heavy Traffic, Malls, Theme Parks, we recommend a maximum of 75 square feet or 7 square meters and for Industrial floors no more than 50 square feet or 4.65 square meters.

Hard-Bright Color hardener is available in 24 colors. Custom colors also available.


Hard-Bright colors are inert, lightfast, double milled, element resistant and free from any fillers or extenders.

Aggregate Size 35-60 US Mesh
Aggregate Type Quartz, Silica Sand
Cement Portland Type I
Pigment Synthetic and Natural Iron Oxides

When HardBright Color Hardener is stored under normal conditions, in a dry/moisture free environment, a shelf life of at least six months from the date of purchase will be obtained. First-in/First-out method should be observed.

Samples of DECOSUP Hard-Bright Color Hardener should be obtained prior to approval from project owner. Note that concrete mix design, weather, texture mats, sealers, release agents, application technique and experience of applicator will affect the final result of the sample.

The sub grade should be adequately compacted, well drained, uniformly graded and thoroughly dampened but free from standing water before concrete is poured.

The same plant should batch all concrete to avoid variations
All concrete should be placed at the same slump. A 3" to 4" slump is recommended, with 5" maximum. Normal air entrainment, water reducing agents and delay set admixtures may be used. CAUTION: DO NOT USE CALCIUM CHLORIDE OR CALCIUM CHLORIDE BASED PRODUCTS IN COLORED CONCRETE. In cold weather, a non-chloride accelerator should be used.

Concrete should be placed and screeded with normal procedures, a rollerbug or jitterbug is recommended to use to bring cream to the surface for better workability and color dispersion. At this point the concrete should be bull floated with a wood or magnesium bull float.

After initial floating and all excess bleed water has dispersed, the first application of HardBright may be applied. The color hardener should be fluffed up, aerated, because of settling during shipping, by means of opening the bag or pail and running your fingers through it several times.
Broadcast first application using about 60% of recommended amount and let it remain on the surface for several minutes or until the Hard-Bright has wetted out sufficiently, then float with a wood or magnesium float.
Immediately broadcast the second application with remaining of Hard-Bright and let it wet out for several minutes then trowel with a fresno or steel trowel, if needed in some areas may have to be touched up with more color.
CAUTION; DO NOT OVER TROWEL, DO NOT SPRINKLE OR FOG WATER ON CONCRETE. This will cause variation on color intensity.
---Non Skid finish: To achieve a non skid finish, broadcast second application of color hardener and do not trowel or work into concrete, let it sit for a few minutes or until ready to stamp, apply release powder and stamp as usual, this will produce a more textured non-skid surface.


When imprinting with texture mats, antiquing of the slab can be achieved by using DECOSUP 's antiquing color release agent, available in 20 colors or Decosup’s Liquid Release.

After the Hard-Bright Color Hardener has been fully applied, and immediately before placing the mats on the concrete, the release agent should be broadcast onto the still plastic, colored concrete, and it is applied at a rate of 30 lbs. or 14 Kg per 1000 square feet or 93 square meters.
Antiquing release agent forms a release barrier between the texture mat and the concrete. When the texture mat is impressed into the still plastic concrete, the moisture in the concrete disperses the pigment particles, which have been mechanically processed to encapsulate the release agent particle, thus leaving grout lines and stone indentations with the color of the antiquing color release agent.
After the concrete has achieved it's initial set, in hot climates as soon as the next day and in cold climates as long as ten days, the release agent may be removed by pressure rinsing with a high power pressure cleaner, or a soap and water solution, and scrubbed with a broom. Care should be taken not to remove all the release agent from the concrete, especially from grout lines and deeper indentations.
To protect and help cure the concrete two coats of Hard-Bright Clear Sealer are recommended.

When the concrete is determined to be ready for stamping wet the stamps fist with Liquid Release then apply liberally over the concrete taking care not to get too far ahead as the Liquid Release evaporates, especially when the ambient temperature is high. If the liquid release has evaporated just reapply. Once liquid release is applied follow your regular stamping procedures. After the concrete is set usually after one or two days you may antique the concrete using a liquid antiquing mix made with 50 % clear sealer, 50 % solvent and release powder at a rate of 2 ounces per gallon of mix, this ratio may be adjusted to increase or decrease the intensity and depth of the antiquing. The slab may also be antiqued using ChemTone acid stain, which will greatly increase the depth and marbling of the antiquing.

All recommendations, statements and technical data contained herein are based on tests we believe to be reliable and correct, but accuracy and completeness of said tests are not to be construed as a warranty, either expressed or implied. User should rely on his own information and test to determine the suitability of the product for the intended use and user assumes all risk and liability from his use of the product. Seller and manufacturer's sole responsibility shall be to replace the portion of the product proved to be defective. Neither seller nor manufacturer should be liable to the buyer or any third party for any injury, loss or damage directly or indirectly resulting from the use or inability to use the product. Recommendations and statements, other than those contained in a written agreement signed by an officer of the manufacturer, shall not be binding upon the manufacturer or seller.

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