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Concrete Sealers for Countertops


Decosup manufactures specialty sealers for concrete counter tops. High gloss, low gloss, water and oil repellent impregnators and high build epoxies.

We only offer top of the line products. If you are already in the business you'll be very satisfied with these products performance, if you are new to the business you'll be able to start out with the confidence a good product provides.


The Ultimate Water and Oil Repellent, get amazing protection and maintain the natural look of concrete countertops. Resistant to oil, grease, juices and many other liquids. Intra-Lock effectively protects against oil base stains without changing the original color or appearance of the concrete. Intra-Lock impregnates the substrate creating a deep seated protective barrier against stains and damage. Intra-Lock is a very low viscosity fluid easily applied by brush, spray or roller: it dries without forming a film at the surface while maintaining it's permeability. It may be used on interior or exterior applications.


How does it work?

Intra-Lock works by penetrating and forming a sealing layer below the surface, it effectively repels water and oil like no other products. This pictures shows an application of Intra-Lock on a bathroom vanity, Intra-Lock is very effective even in a high moisture environment. See how it protects the concrete while preserving it's natural look.



A two part system featuring Fusion I (a primer) and FUSION ll (a Water Base Aliphatic Urethane as a top coat). This system provides with a very hard, chemical resistant, low sheen finish. Virtually impenetrable by kitchen wares it is resistant to oil, water, vinegar, juices, cleaning chemicals and much more. It is a very easy and fast system to apply, simply apply the primer with a short nap roller or brush, allow to dry for about 45 minutes then apply the top coat with a sponge, several coats may be applied to enhance protection. Fusion does not darken the color of the surface, it's low sheen, very scratch and chemical resistant, has virtually no odor and it's safe to use indoors.


How does it work?

Fusion is a two part system, a primer (Fusion I) and a finish coat (Fusion II). The primer is used to prepare the surface and ensure proper bonding. Fusion I has an extremely small resin particle that allows it to penetrate deeply into the concrete matrix and bond to it. Fusion II is a water base Aliphatic Urethane that provides a very hard and chemical resistance finish with a soft satin sheen as seen in the picture. The Fusion system is sold in One-Quart kits and may be applied as soon as the next day after the pour.


Table-Top is a 100% solids, two component, clear epoxy coating for concrete countertops, wooden tables, concrete furniture and masonry statuary. it provides with a high gloss, high build finish. Each kit contains one gallon of resin and one gallon of hardener. Table-Top cures to a clear, high build, glass like finish that resists scratching, yellowing and will not distort with age. Items coated with Table Top will become permanently preserved and protected for your enjoyment throughout a lifetime. This product will not exhibit blushing or sweat out under high humidity conditions. Table Top is commonly seen on bar tops and tabletops in many bars and restaurants.



How does it work?

Table Top is a high build epoxy finish for countertops. It's 100 % solids and sold in in an easy to mix 1 to 1 ratio. It is offered in Two-Gallon kits. Table Top provides a hard, high build finish for your countertops. It is easy to apply and it allows you to place objects such as coins, paper and thin articles within the sealer to enhance your finish while providing a high gloss, scratch resistant protective coat.


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