Concrete Stain
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Concrete Stains


What kind of concrete stain should I use?

Concrete Stains fall in to two main categories, Solid Color Stains typically called Concrete Stains or Pigmented Sealers and transparent or reactive stains better known as Acid Stains. Solid color concrete stains impart an even, solid look to the floor and come in over 20 colors. Acid Stains provide a transparent marble like look to concrete, the colors are more limited and go from shades of blue-green to dark brown earth tones. Another option are Concrete Dyes, these dyes provide transparent colors and accents in bright hues that help achieve results not possible through acid staining. Decosup Inc. manufactures both types of concrete stains, our solid color concrete stain line is called Hard Bright Masonry Stain, our reactive line is called ChemTone Acid Stain and our Dyes are called DecoTone Dyes.


Decosup HardBright Concrete and Masonry Stain
A solvent base 100 % Acrylic Concrete Stain and Sealer, it can be applied on concrete floors, overlays, masonry and on any cementitious surface.It penetrates the surface creating a tough protective shield against stains, oil, water, acids, traffic and alkali, while providing a durable, long lasting Architectural Concrete look. HB Concrete Stain imparts a solid color look to coated surfaces.
Decosup HardBright Concrete & Masonry Stain is available in 20 ready to use colors, you may add Decogrip to HardBright concrete stain for added slip resistance.

Driveways Patios Garage Floors Stamped Concrete Concrete Bricks Pool Decks

HardBright Concrete Stain Color Chart
HardBright Concrete Stain Technical Data Sheet


ChemTone Concrete Acid Stain
Is a reactive stain that produces variegated, marble like finishes on existing concrete or overlays. This unique look adds age, character and value to concrete floors. ChemTone concrete stain is available in 10 colors. ChemTone concrete stain is used on restaurant floors, living rooms, malls, interiors and exteriors.

About ChemTone Acid Stain
ChemTone Acid Stain Color Chart

ChemTone Acid Stain Technical Data Sheet

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DecoTone Dyes

DecoTone produces vibrant, translucent colors and may be used in conjunctions with Acid Stain to enhance or create unique hues unattainable through other methods.

DecoTone Concrete Dye Color Chart
DecoTone Concrete Dye Technical Data Sheet


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